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  2011 The 19th DEX Electronic Exhibition & Photonics Exhibition will be held on Aug. 3rd-5th, 2011.Online pre-registration deadline is July 20, 2011, please fill out this form carefully and "submit" button to submit to us (by fax or download the document to us after filling out), we will provide you with free tickets or This exhibition is free to receive tickets.
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1. Exhibition
2011 The 19th DEX Electronic Exhibition & Photonics Exhibition Aug. 3rd-5th,2011
2011 Shenzhen Advertising,Sign Board & LED Exhibition Aug. 3rd-5th,2011
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3.Nature of Buiness
Government  Trade Association  Public Service Finance/Insurance
University and Research institute Importer/Exporter Agent/Distributor  Publishing and Printing
Manufacture/Supplier Retailer/Wholesaler Electric Computer/IT
Electroplating Chemical Telecommunication  Mechanical
Metalware  Consumer Electronics  Machinery Project
4.Product interest:
Equipment SMT Wave solder
Tools Instrument Humidity Cabinets
Testing equipment Purification Cleaner
SMD Winding Machines Cable Equipment
Vibration plate PCB Anti-Static
Testing equipment Painting equipments Instruments and meters
Industrial automation Semiconductor processing fixture Others
Electronic Components
Electronic Components Fuse Socket
Switch Tape Resistors and Capacitors
Cable Connect Socket connectors Magnetic Materials
Battery Power Electrical Machine
Potentiometer Transformers Relay
Phtonics IC Crystal
Crystal Transducer Radiator
IC Diode,Triodes Multipolar tubes
Laser products    
Laser equipment Laser cutting machine Laser marking machines
Laser engraving machines Laser security Laser range finder
Laser materials Laser crystal Laser
Laser applications Other laser products  
Optical products    
Optical products The panel display device Supporting product
LED product
LED lattice Module Digital tube
Control system IC LED photosource
Three-dimensional shines the character LED light emitter OLED(organically shines two levels of tubes)
LD(lightemitting diode) EL(electronic illumination) High efficiencycomponent
Laser sensor    
LED screen display
LED large, medium and small screen display monitor Advertisement demonstration sign Information display panel
Scoring board LED neon  
LED illumination
Construction/Landscape/Decorates the lamp Each kind of special use LED lamp Other uses
LED back photosource
Handset, MP3, DVD back photosource On liquidcrystal back photosource Palm computer back photosource
Medicalmonitoring device back photosource Others  
LED processing technology
Packing machine Silicone resin seal Dispersion of light color scanner
Wire solder machine Measuring instrument Solid crystal machine
LED seal and necessary material
LED seal and necessary material Others  
Neon light product
Lamp tube Powder tube Neon tube
Transformer High tension line (package) Program controller and special-purpose material
Spare parts Instrumentation production equipment Manufacturing equipment
Service facilities Service facilities  
Electricity photosource product
The light emitter diode Flash Slamp Outdoor illumination decorative lighting
Decoration lamps and lanterns Electron ballast Lightning rod
Energy saving technique Illumination engineering and technology lamps and lanterns and fittings for other lighting engineering
professional software for nero lamp    
Photonices & Laser
Neon light product:
4. The media from which you know this Exhibition

Newspaper   Website  E-mail  Fax  Direct Mailing   Others

5. No.of times(s) you visit DEX Electronic Exibition & Photonics Exhibition

Never 1 2 3 or above

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